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A privateer's role

Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
What is the role of a privateer in combat? Clearly they are a healer, since no other class has healing spells. They are also a buffer, since no other class has buff all spells. These two roles work well together.
But are they supposed to be tanks as well? They get tanking abilities (Heavy Armour and Loud) and their class weapon is a sword & shield. This does not fit with the other roles.

Does anyone actually play their privateer as a tank? Early on, I got mine a staff (because a staff will increase the range of your heals) and always stay at the back of the battle. I rarely attack but I am using an ability every turn. Perhaps my situation is different because I play with constantly with two others (a buccaneer and a witchdoctor) so I am not needed in the thick of things. It may be different solo.

Let me know how you play your privateer.

Community Leader
It seems that the Privateer was meant to be a hybrid that could go either to healing or tanking, while the Buccaneer was supposed to just be a tank . . . and then they never got around to adding a pure healer! That being the case, I think most foks just use the Privateer as a very hardy healer/buffer since that's the only option for that style of gameplay.

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Sep 08, 2008
I think Privateer is more of a support class, a support class with a lot of defense and fighting capability.

If you look at the normal base stats of buccaneer and privateer companions, it seems that the buccaneer has slightly more damage and less health. The privateer has slightly less strength, but a little more health.

I don't know really, but I think in terms of fighting ability, those two heavy armor classes are almost dead even. I have some really fantastic equipment for a future privateer at 20+, which requires a ranged weapon. So at that point, I will equip him with a shooty or shooty combo.

I would say in terms of dealing damage, buccaneer comes out on top, while in terms of survival, privateer will come out on top.

I like how the Privateer actually learns buff all techniques. I love supporting roles, especially if they can support incredibly well, and actually hold their own and contribute some very nice damage as well.

Community Leader
I'm mainly a solo player. My Privateer's a Heal Tank with a Witchdoctor secondary. He's buffing his companions early in the match, slinging area-effects like Artillery & Mojo Blasts to soften things up, then wades in swinging to draw attention off wounded Companions long enough to heal / shield them while his heavy armor soaks the enemy attacks.

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Jun 17, 2010
My first character here is a Privateer that I shelved for a bit to play a Muskeeter. I got stalled in Cool Ranch with my due to the mob level increase that occurred (was playing in Valencia at level 18 and absolutely clearing out a lot of encounters there.) First mob I encounter in Cool Ranch being a level 20 scorpion I get wiped out within 3 turns. Then again given the versatility of the Privateer it is almost liken to playing as either a Paladin, a Shaman, or a Druid within World of Warcraft. Not really particularly supposed to be a front line tank (though Paladins were quite a bit) but more of like a support role buffing and healing those around them and getting in a few hits now and then.