A Pirate's Life

Jul 22, 2013
Hello, I Was Wondering Where you get some of the galleon ships like the Mooshu ships and the Grizzleham ships, so if anyone sees this, plz answer me.

thanks for your help

First Mate
May 01, 2012
Don't know about Grizzleheim ships. You can get a Pirate Galleon (Level 12 I think) in Scrimshaw/ In fact, I recommend it be the ship you buy when you need a new one after the Pirate Skiff.

You can get a Bison Galleon in Tumbleweed (Cool Ranch). I recommend you buy the Bison Frigate (Level 20) first in Bison Village (Big Sky - Cool Ranch) and then the Bison Galleon (Level 28) in Tumbleweed.

I know you are given a MooShu Skiff to get to MooShu after finishing Cool Ranch and Port Regal but I don't know where to get a MooShu Galleon yet.

The levels mentioned above are character levels that your Pirate must reach before he/she can use the ship.