A few questions for Blind Mew

Gunner's Mate
Dec 16, 2009
I have a keen interest in the creation myths of the spirals and have a few questions about them.

1)The Cthonic Powers- Is that just a throwaway Aquila reference or can I expect it to play a larger role in the lore? I would expect it to be lore oriented especially considering that the character depicted appears in several cameo's in almost all of the preceding puppet shows.

2)Marco Pollo's letter to Merle Ambrose indicated that what he found was incredibly dangerous and powerful. I would imagine that it would be considering the Celestians took the time to unmoor El Dorado's gate from the fabric of the spiral. Could it be that the Storm Lord sunk Celestia for a reason?(rather than the current accepted theory that the Storm Lord is just a jerk lol)

3)Celestian computations mixed with a power source that was clearly Aztecan in nature...I can't wait to see where you are going there. I have also been researching the wizard Celestia quest line and it seems that Celestians were masters at building constructs and magical artifacts... Whoever this toymaker is it is clear he has ancient knowledge.

All in all I must thank you for a great storyline. Very immersive and I am enjoying it immensly.