A few lore questions to store for the future

Dec 01, 2012
I have a few questions about Aquila,that I expect to ask once Mew's story thread comes back up.Again,this is not a story thread but simply a bank where I store my questions and will use to re-ask the questions-So...let's jump right into the material,starting by region:


1.Are manticores sapient?Axwar is,but are the other manticores there.

2.What are the ettin wars?Orpheus mentions the lyre was ,lost in the Ettin Wars,so when were does and what were they?

3.Who unleashes Cthonic Beasts?Mew said the Cthonic Powers unleashed them in their fight against the Immortals,but Phoebus,the Oracle's guard says it was unleashed by the ''Ophidian Fire Witches''.

4.Where do Giants come from?Ye know,Cyclopses,Ettins,Laestragoneans,where do they come from?(in consistency with the Lore of our game)

5.Why is Hecate permitted in the chat filters?Will she ever be making an appearance?

6.How did the Oracle become the Oracle?When and how did she earn her reputation as a seer?Was she chosen by Apollo or something?

7.Ettins seem to have cave paintings,a form of writing.Do they live in isolation in caves?They don't seem too bright,and Ettin cities don't seem too possible,but are they nomadic?

8.Why are Axwar's minions scorpions?Does he have some sort of power over them?

9.What are shades?

10.Why is Hades's staff releasing some kind of smoke?

11.What kind of relevance does Medusa have to Ophidian mythology?

12.Why does Blind Homer call the Ophidians ''the Gorgon's vile grandchildren''

13.The Ophidians seem to have a bit of a Middle Eastern spin to them,do they originate in Krokotopia?(which would make sense as they are reptiles like the kroks...well not exactly,but they are closer than the manders)

14.Vultures seem to be Etruscan,do they have their own world,or are they just marauding aquilan skies?

15.How did Scylla become a monster?

16.What happened to Scylla after we defeated her?

17.What is in that cave in the Satyr Grove with the Big Bearded Face on it?

18.Why does Silvanus have different horns from his kin?Is he older or something?

19.We see satyrs roaming around Bestia,and Nova Aquila,does that mean they are allies of the Eagles?Or is it something different altogether?

20.Why are there so many Raven witches in Aqula and Cool Ranch!?!?!Why are most evil witches Ravens?