a couple of questions

Jul 18, 2012

been playing for a couple of days a witchdoctor, now lvl 9. i have a few questions:

- do ability scores (strength, agility, will) have any game effect
besides adding damage to ur weapon (will adds dmg to my staff atm)

- do abilty scores of ur companions mean anything, for example if i play juju ability
(percentage ability increase for party) at the beginning of battle, does it affect damage output of
companion (dead mike has "strong" talent, so probably hes affected)

- regarding last question, whats the point in increasing ability score with promtions
(instead of straight damage for example)

- are item drops affedted by ur class, atm i get items for all classes but witchdoctor, even tried farming for
them (i even checked if the boss has witchdoctor item drops at pirate101 central)

thanks for the answers in advance!