What do you guys think will happen in the future?

Feb 15, 2013
Possible future updates:


1.) Napoleguin calls us to his homeland Polaris, and returns the favor of saving him from Fort Elena and tells us that rumors are going on that Erika the Red's piece of the map is in Polaris, but a new crew is also looking for the map piece, Captain Hande's crew. Captain Hande eventually gets the piece of the map before you and sells it to the Queen of the Armada, in return they ally themselves with Captain Hande and build the Armada back to its feet.


2.) Captain Avery sends you to Rajah, home of the tigers because they knew your parents well. One tiger was very close to your mom, Tiger Claw. He tells you that your mums piece of the map is with him, your mom gave it to him for safe keeping. But first there are problems in Rajah and you need to help them before he gives you the piece of the map. Eventually you get it and now its four-three all pieces are found you just need to take some from the Armada


3.) The Armada are back on their feet under the Queen's leadership! They travel to Darkmoor but why? You need to travel there to find out!


Avery finally makes the decision and tells you that you need to fight the Armada and take the pieces back from them, but first you need to make allies. Travel to Monquista and Polaris and ask to make alliances to finish the Armada once and for all!


You got your allies, now it's time to go to Valencia once again to finish the Armada once and for all and take the pieces to finish the map!


You travel back to Mooshu to find Cao Tzu to translate the map, when you reach their, Mooshu is in fires. Help Mooshu and Cao Tzu will help you

It's time to make your way to El Dorado, what else will you find there?

That's all I have for now, what are your thoughts?

Sep 21, 2014
I see you are trying to predict the whole next arc which most people will take as mediocre considering we've gotten no hints yet as to what we might see.
Also. I doubt Hande's crew would ally with the armada considering if it was selling a piece of the map for el dorado, that would be the deal and the armada wouldn't have to return the favor also, I don't think the armada gets along very well with Humans.