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To those who said it would never be done

May 26, 2013
We now have an Armada companion

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
dk4vision on Oct 6, 2016 wrote:
We now have an Armada companion
I'm interested in just why KI caved into incessant pleading. It's a very weak response. The reason for giving these companions is poor "The Resistance reprogramed them..." Huh? So there's another genius with the capabilities to undo Kane's work?
I don't think I'll be buying more of this pack, the weapons aren't as good as the Dreadnaught Haywire weapons and the furnishings are also dropped by the Dreadnaught.
And there aren't any pets.

Nov 23, 2011
Four in fact. Looks like Blind Mew was outvoted. Or tortured until he yielded (forced to watch an endless loop of Brady Bunch reruns? ).


Oct 26, 2013
the question is if they are any good

Dec 30, 2012
So far I've only bought one pack and got, like most, a weapon (Beckett's Blades I think which I put in my shared bank seeing as how my musket wouldn't have much use for it) and 6 housing items. The pack all in all is pretty cool although it seems that it's almost too easy to get a good weapon now, everywhere I look pirates of all levels are using weapons from the pack and it kind of ruins the point of farming. And as for the armada companions I'm not exactly against getting one, but I'm most certainly not going to pour my crowns down the drain specifically for the purpose of recruiting a "Haywire" armada companion.