Tips, hints, and secrets.

Jul 31, 2010
The game gets hard. Some times you need a tip or hint. And some times you just want to know, how did he get that? This is the category to discuss some tips and secrets you know of! Just give a tip, hint, or secret and post to help others get through the seas! This is also the place to discuss which tips are the best! So find some hints or tips or secrets and share them here!

Jul 31, 2010
Hey, I'm jack silver, here to tell a tip on ship battling! Your trying to fight an enemy ship. There really hard. How can you sink em? Try this. Go to the ship and battle. If you can't sink em without your health going to the yellow zone, let them board you and fight blade to blade. Chances are you will have more luck finishing the battle blade to blade than ship to ship. You can see if you can get a better ship. I'll see you next time I get more tips, hints, or secrets!

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When ever I need to defeat a bunch of ships for a quest, I change realms to the most crowded one I can - usually Avery - and more often than not I'll be able to team up with someone else hunting those same ships. Ships sink a lot faster with more than one Pirate attacking them!

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Sep 20, 2009
Did you know you can use a mojo potion to heal your ship in the middle of broadside combat?
Its saved my ship a number of times.

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Sep 29, 2012
while fighting friar sand i noticed that while its loading the the place you can move at the same time, even if you dont see you character yet. result? you get to friar sand a bit faster ;)

and also to skip the cut scene you can keep the space bar down and it just goes trough the text in les than a second!

Dec 21, 2009
The second time in Scopion cave you have to fight ghost cowboys, instead on fighting the ones that appear use the rigged chest the makes weaker vesions of the pool ones. You get easier battle and some extra gold. Also First time in Scorpion cave ignore the first chest you see go around the column, there's a big hole in it with good chest.

Oct 01, 2010
This post is my tips on how to spend your training points with other class trainers:
My thoughts are that you should learn talents from another classes that contribute to the main skill your school's class weapons boost with (Strength for Buccaneers and Privateers, Agility for Swashbucklers and Musketeers, and Will for Witchdoctors). For example: a Buccaneer when they get their Big Choppy Weapons talents often allow weapons usage of powerful weapons in the Smashy/Slashy category. Privateers' main weapon of choice are Slashy weapons, and they have talents that boost your attack power for Slashy weapons. Add that to the Smashy weapon boosts talents from Buccaneer class with a Smashy/Slashy weapon, and you got great results for damage! I hope this post will help guide those who need it.

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