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ideas for the armada queens name

Jan 22, 2013
so we all want to know what the armada queens name is right? and obviously they wont tell us. i figured we could at least have a say in it right? so we could post our favorite choice of name for her (we all get to pick a name you dont have to vote if you dont want to) for ex i would like queen valence. (i really would) pronounced val in ce. sounds like Valencia but without the ia. now say ____ picks queen Mable (dont have to do queen) ____ had a say in what he/she would like the queens name to be, and someone at KI would really like the queens name to be that, show there boss and if the boss like that show there boss and so on until they show the person in charge and it could become queen Mabel. get it? good. just post the name you think it should be and your done. thats all

-jack nightgale lvl 45

Jul 27, 2012
I am sure the name of the female Elite has been long decided; remember that Blind Mew worked out the outline to this first Pirate101 story arc early on, before we were even playing the game. I'm sure whatever that name is, it will be a perfect fit. But if I were to choose a name for her to strike fear into my character's heart, it would be 'Milady'. For so many evocative reasons...

Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

Sep 20, 2009
Personally, I would be delighted if "Queen" turned out to be named Clarice.
I know several people who may or may not read this already know why Clarice would be a perfect name for an evil female clockwork.

Clarice de Winter, better known simply as Milady, is one of the greatest female villains ever created. She was also a perfect villain for intrigue, able to use 16th C society's perceptions of women to protect herself and escape from any (or almost any) predicament including imprisonment by her own brother in law. Milady brings about the murder of the Duke of Buckingham and uses poison to kill at least two people.

Since Queen is obviously a clockwork, I'm doubtful that KI could pull off a close reference to Milady behaviouraly-wise, but I still think that at least naming Queen Clarice would be an awesome reference to one of the greatest literary female villains I have ever come across.

Gunner's Mate
May 28, 2013
Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Sam Underhill on Sep 22, 2013 wrote:
How about Number Six?
Now that's funny . But alas I do believe that Anne and CdeWinter have the best idea. Totally perfect and I would not be surprised if that is exactly what Blind Mew has done.

Mar 09, 2011
Looking into the word 'Queen' some more, I was looking at the word origin. Here's what I found, I'll be pasting it from the website that I got it.

before 900; Middle English quene, quen, Old English cwēn woman, queen; cognate with Old Saxon quān, Old Norse kvān, Gothic qēns < Germanic *kwēni-; akin to Old Irish ben, Greek gynḗ woman, Russian zhená, Sanskrit jani wife

Hmm, Zhená looks an awful lot like the name of a certain Aquilan archer companion, doesn't it?

Lol well, I'm thinking along the lines of Gwen, which is what I'm reminded of when I see cwēn. I know that cwēn is pronounced as our modern day Queen, but that's still what comes to mind for me when I see it.

With this logic, her name could just as easily be June, Juno, Junus, Janus, Jany, Jani, or Jane. Junos is the Roman queen of Heaven, daughter of Saturn and the wife/sister of Jupiter, the king of roman gods. She's the protector of women and marriage, and she's originally based off of Hera, the Greek version of this god. The sixth month of the year, June, also a female given name, is probably a variant of Junoius, "sacred to Juno", another name for Junos.

She could also be Geni, as this is a variation of gynḗ, and Genii is the plural for Genius. If some of our suspicions are correct, then this Queen is the true runner of the armada, Kane's Puppetmaster. She would be a true Genius if this were the case. She appears to be very smart, as she has managed to evade our knowledge along with running the armada through Kane. If this were true, that she's Kane's Puppetmaster, then she would be the one to make the Elites and the soldiers. She seems like a genius to me.

I don't think her name would be Ben for a few different reasons. Ben is a boy's nickname, short for Benjamin, a male given name from a hebrew word meaning "son of the right". Thus the name 'Ben' is associated with 'righteous', in which case the armada queen is not.

I would continue, but I'm running out of characters...

Gunner's Mate
Oct 05, 2012
What about Vanitia (Va nee sha)? It's Italian for Vanity. Maybe Queen is consumed with vanity, always obsessing over her looks, always saying she is the best of the elites, always decorating her mask with beautiful patterns, always trying to kill pirates more beautiful than she is, goes ballistic when people say she is not that beautiful, and has a whole room full of dresses for different occasions.

May 02, 2009
Well all the Armada's names relate to chess
  • Kane = King
  • Bishop = Bishop
  • Rooke = Rook
  • Phule = Pawn? (Deacon is certainly not a pawn)
  • "Queen" = Queen
  • Deacon = Knight? (its the only one left)
So, I believe that the female clockwork's name is Queen

Sep 09, 2010
Her name should be reginia.if I heard that name in pirate 101 I would be scared of her because on once upon a time there is a evil person named reginia..I hope that one of names get submitted .see you in the spiral