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Can Your Pirate Have A Companions Weapon?

Jun 10, 2013
I was wondering if any of the companions in Pirate 101 have a weapon that is also available for your pirate to use? I guess the companions from the Ashes Of The Armada pack have weapons your pirate can obtain from the Dreadnaught but are there any other companions that use a weapon your pirate can also use?

Dec 15, 2012
There is a low level stabby weapon sold in flotsam called the wharf rat daggers that are 2 of milo graytail's dagger.

Sep 04, 2013
Old Scratch drops his wand in that battle where you recruit him, a decent portion of the non speaking companions should have copies of their weapons in bazaar. There’s also a gun called Ensign’s Semi-Ottermatics that drops in skull island that I’m pretty sure is Emmett’s, at least before his promotions.