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A Possibility That Your Character Can Obtain Rank

Jun 09, 2013
NOTE: I am aware that Swashbucklers already have First Strike 3, but if my theory is correct, this talent is not limited to just that class.


With the new update, one can learn Rank 1 epic talents from Clandestine trainers and obtain additional Rank1 epic talents (First Strike, Relentless, etc.) through pets. With the combination of several Rank 1 talents, one may now use Relentless 2, Burst Fire 2, etc. In theory, if three Rank 1 talents are combined, one may obtain Rank 3 of certain talents such as First Strike 3 and Repel Boarders 3 -- two talents effective in both PVP and PVE.

Necessary Equipment:

For Repel Boarders 3:
  • Privateer w/ Repel Boarders 1
  • Manticore’s Sting (Grants Repel Boarders 1)
  • Admiral’s Bundle Royal High Naval Saber (Grants Repel Boarders 1); or Captain Blood’s Hook; or Bobby Bones’ Blade or Hand (Grants Repel Boarders 1); or Fin’s Cunning Cutters (Grants Repel Boarders 1)

For First Strike 3:
  • Metal Guardian’s Blade (Grants First Strike 1)
  • Eyes of the Cobra (Grant’s First Strike 1)
  • Pet which grants First Strike 1

At the moment, I cannot test this theory (as I do not have some of the necessary equipment to test it) and would be most thankful if someone were to try it for me.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck!

- Jack

Jun 09, 2013
There has been some good input on Central ( for this thread. Feel free to check it out! (I'd re-post it all here, but information would get through a lot slower that way due to the monitoring process).

Jun 02, 2013
If your a witch you can give a bonus rank of riposte and first strike if you want