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The Pirate Battle aka a Survival Game

Dec 23, 2012
Have any of you ever seen the Highlander? Kamen Rider Ryuki? Zatch Bell? The Hunger Games? They all have one thing in common. Survival Game. I have hosted one before on another site and it was awesome. Two kinds in fact. Last one i did was 26 people entered and are each represented by a letter from the alphabet. The goal is who is the best letter in the alphabet. 25 of you would hunt each other down in the game and pvp each other to eliminate the other. Each participant will have 5 lives. So each loss of at pvp is a life loss. I the creator of this event must be present for all fights. If it somehow reaches a tie then both parties lose a life. You can gang up one pirate if you wish. if you flee that is also a life loss. disconnect is a life loss. Stalling is a life lost, Trying not to found is a life loss. Nagging me is a life loss. If that sounds unfair thats the point. It gives you stress to simultae your oncoming demise. Watch the shows and movies i listed above to get the hint especially Kamen rider Ryuki. That show gives you a hint to how this all works. The prize is bragging rights it's just to see who can be the best at PVP while trying to find the other. If you are interested post below and ask me where to meet you in game so i can add you. I must be added with all participants. If i find out that no one is participating then every week afterwards will result in one life loss for every participant. Only 1 pirate can survive. Once the 24 pirates are gone the last will face off against the 26th Pirate. Pirate Z who is my puppet. Which letter is the best in the alphabet?

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
Kamen Rider Ryuki? Isn't that what someone compared to Madoka Magica, stating that that both were closely related? While Reading it I was like mind=blown