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Is summoning privy viable in the current meta?

Jul 27, 2013
I might get hate for this but it’s worth the risk.
Summoning privateer used to completely dominate with the nefarious scorpions and moo robe. In recent years, the moo robe has been nerfed down to where the robe isn’t really an option. What I am trying to get at here is that with these nerfs is summoning privy still viable for pvp? Please post your opinions below .

I’ll just give my own views on summoning privy
I have a max witch, buckler, musket, and buck and go against this privateer named blaze way too much in pcp.
Blaze is a summoning privy and uses the nefarious staff, full tower gear including the soul shroud eyepatch, and a scent 2 pet. He normally brings ratbeard, Bonnie, and nausica. Basically on my buckler I kill all his companions except nausica with fog and using early game buffs. From there I lose 4vs2 as he summons scorpions,shields himself, uses zeal and other buffs on the scorpions so they are unkillable, and abuses his high will to get heals above 1000. I personally think privateer is way too out of hand and with soul shroud that triggers every attack I make there isn’t much you can do besides make a privateer and join the meta.

Reckless jack Collins max
Brave Arthur Davis max
Octavio max
Mycin max
Ignacio level 23

Feb 02, 2013
Yes it is the strongest build atm for no rules matches, swap scorps for trees, use scratch and banner and you're doing 600 minimum per tree every round not to mention boon and discord added into the mix, which is why I say summons need to be nerfed hard, and boon and discord need to vanish

Petty Officer
Dec 26, 2012
Moo's robe is actually still a reasonable choice for privy since the amount of summons you get depend on your will stat. If you have the Fall Champion weapon paired with this, then you basically have an army.

And wand privy isn't a good choice in PVP since there's almost nothing you can do late game if your opponent survives the summons and you can't use your melee talents/powers with the scorpion staff. Moo's robe is perfectly viable for privateers but using a wand is just too risky to use especially in an aggressive meta that we have at the moment.

Sep 03, 2010
You should try to obtain the talent witch hunter, that's a good counter to soul shroud and to counter the team he uses just bring purge, without having Contessa you can surround his pirate with your companions whilst they are hidden, purge which will remove any buff he has on or defense, then you'd be able to use your companions guaranteed critical strikes and such to kill his pirate relatively quickly, more often than not in that same turn.