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world idea 1 + questline: dystropia

Petty Officer
Mar 08, 2017
well well well, im actually making a series for my idea of ark 2! if kingsisle actually wants to take some ideas, they can, thats one of the reasons, to pave a path for a future that is currently unknown.

another is cause its something ive planned for a while

each world will have two goals, with each world giving a very special companion at the end of each

what is it you ask? well, i decided that you would get a nerfed equivalent of each elite clockwork, except for kane and phule, i have a very special plan for those two....

the new level cap for this series is 110

anyways, dystropia is a modern high-tech metropolis with one skyway and 5 little islands, with in the center a huge hub area, each one is a city, with the first quest obviously given at the hub, there will be outfits obtained like:

high tech armor (heavy armor)
casual modern clothing with technological pieces
accessories like a digital eyepatch that is clear and looks more of a dbz scouter cause it looks cool, i would call it nanovisor

the weapons are:
glowing blade katanas (NOT lightsabers)
fists like a high tech hands of fate
sniper rifle
metal pole with a holograph of a skull on it and holograph designs on it as a witchdoctor weapon

the encounterable enemy types are:

cat (muskets are female, swashes we already know)
skeletal drake (a lot different than avernus, they stand on two legs, hunched over, and wear jeans, with green fire on their hands when attacking, buccaneer class)

the 6 main bosses are:
sofie (musket cat with bazooka launcher looking weapon that shoots in 3 ways with big waves of blasts of spark thrown)
jackie (buccaneer skeletal drake with black bones instead of bone color)
bob (lagoony)
lucky louis (swash cat with top hat)
vamp (flying fish with bloodsucker and feeding frenzy)
tzach (cthulian cultist, you dont directly fight him cause he leaves first turn)

quests to get there are:

quest 1: the final countdown
goal for quest 1: beat ark 1

quest 2 (new): finding the pieces
goals for quest 2: talk to avery, obtain magenta windstone from clockwork ship in marleybone, go to dystropia in avernus skyway, go to mainetro in techins skyway


quest 1: thief's honor
talk to sofie

quest 2 branches (in any order): i dont have names yet, but each small island includes one of five bosses, and 5 main quests per branch

quest 3: taking back
go in dungeon named 'stash room'

quest 3 instance quest: rushing out
obtain deacon, escape through window of stash room, get to dock (many enemies are around the place now when trying to get to the dock, some chase you), fight sofie (timed battle and must defeat her, she planeted a bomb you must defuse on your ship by beating her), board ship and escape (dont forget that this is a dungeon, so the map when you return wont be swarmed with enemies due to the bounty sofie placed for stealing)

you get a map piece at the end due to kane's map being a digitalized memory

companions obtained through main quests: deacon
companions in side quests: skeletal pirate (only for witchdoctors), cat musket (only for privateers)

thats all i have '-'

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
Thanks for posting such creative thoughts -- hopefully, some of them may bear fruit.

Dec 23, 2012
I love your ideas! I would be thrilled to play that storyline