Pirate101 Second Arc

May 21, 2009
I have an idea after the First Arc's end. I am going to use a Wizard101 reference to describe how the scenario will play out. In W101, we freed Grandfather Spider which in sense opened up a new can of worms and he is now poised to be the 3rd Arc Final Boss. Why did we free Napoleguin for exactly? Sure, it was convenient since we were freeing Mustang Sally, but the lil event that we produced in Port Regal Skyway was a spark for a war. It was just a little side job for someone else's benefit (take away all of his pickled herring). Napoleguin still has loyalists and he still thinks he is the big cheese. Kane is defeated and the word is spreading. If it got to Napoleguin that the only threat to the spiral has been dealt with, especially that it was "stronger, smarter, and faster than any living being", what is to prevent him from attempting to dominate the spiral again? Right now, the prime assumption is that we are going to go to Polaris. Polaris has had this reputation for playing the parts of France and Russia. There have been several revolutions and uprisings. I would assume this plays Polaris as war-like. So, why not? A reincarnation of the Polarian War: drawing in the most powerful beings and worlds from the spiral into a viscous war with Polaris, this time even worse. This setting will be where the player was once a Pawn, but now is now a King.
I do understand that the ending of Pirate101's first arc was a test to see if the players were interested in playing the game anymore, and it is a fabulous game because it 1up'd Wizard101 by storyline and combat. I implore Kingsisle to either A) Put a better investment into the game (since it has the potential to overcome W101 if you play your pieces right (haha, joke)). B) Achieve a bigger fanbase by directly clashing with the Wizard101 story. Or C) Scrapping the game entirely and make a new game that improves upon Pirate101. The ingenuity and progress that Kingsisle put into each individual world in Pirate101 has been beautiful and appropriate for the setting. I would hate for this game to be shut down without a replacement or better purpose. Feel free to post a reply, good or bad, below this comment.

Feb 14, 2012
I like this idea and I think that Polaris is the next world, but I still don't know if we will go there or not I mean it's going to be hard for kingsile to come up with ideas for it so I think that we will go there to stop napoleguin,but at the end find that it was queen who was doing bad stuff.

I also hope that it's going to be long not as long as cool ranch, but long enough to be satisfied. I also hope that we get a penguin companion and I hope he is musketeer at least as good as Bonnie.

Dec 28, 2012
I think Queen will be our big bad, but only WE know Queen survived, not our pirates. So yeah, I could see Napoleguin as a possible go to, but not as the big bad.

Feb 14, 2014
I have said this before, and I will continue to say it. Just because there was a stormgate in Valencia that lead to Polaris, it does not mean we will necessarily be focusing on, or venturing to Polaris soon. There are many other worlds that most of the pirate fan base would rather visit than Polaris, such as Krokotopia, Darkmoor, and Grizzleheim.

As of now our pirates have no business in Polaris, not even to help Napolenguin clear the streets of those who oppose him. And if we did have any business in Polaris, it would be to find some sort of missing clue to maybe a map piece, a shortcut to El Dorado, or investigate a way to defeat the new antagonist, Queen.

In my personal opinion, I would much rather see an original world, or one that needs more elaboration and detail to fully grasp it's essence. Two wonderful candidates for that category would be Krokotopia and Darkmoor. Yes, the wizards did venture to both these worlds, but they didn't do too much in either of these worlds. In Krokotopia, the wizards only covered three extremely small areas of Krokotopia. And in Darkmoor, the wizards only ventured to Castle Darkmoor. There is so much we don't know about either of these worlds, but there are key factors to each that could lead us to these specific spiral wonders.

If I recall correctly, our mother (and father?) was born in Darkmoor. Another factor leading us to Darkmoor, is Madame Vadima's past. Perhaps a certain power other than Queen is stirring in Darkmoor, and our skills are needed to investigate? Or we want to investigate more of our parents, which would be a likely reason for visiting.

Now for Krokotopia, it, along with Grizzleheim, are the only worlds in which our pirates were raised, but we haven't visited yet. I'd be thrilled to visit both of these worlds, and see how KI can take their stories from Wizard, and elaborate and detail these worlds beyond our thoughts and ideas.