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clothing choices for a privateer

May 09, 2013
hiya kingsile entertainment, I simply love pirate 101 and the game story, but, I'd hate to complain about this, but, one of the things I noticed about the game where the clothing options for a privateer, so, I check out the clothing of each clothing seller, and, most clothes have defences and such, but, what I notice most about the clothing options, is that most to all clothes have either strength and agility, or agility and will, and I would like clothing options that have about even numbers of both will and strength, since on the guide it says that you should have stats with high strength, and will for a privateer, but, most clothes doesn't have a combo of strength and will together, and I also go to the bazaar, and see all the options for a privateer, but, most options it has is mostly will, and agility, but, on the guide it says to have strong numbers in strength and will, but, most have will and agility, and strength and agility, but never strength and agility on the same one, but, the clothes that do have strength and agility on the same clothing, the strength is low while will is high, for example, the three pieces of clothing I have, are, 2 strength, and 6 will, I also check other clothing, and the next time I ever get one with higher strength is not until 25, and I'm currently 19, but, it also gives 3 strength, but, not 5 or somewhere like that, so, what I am asking, is: to make more clothing that strength and will are about the same numbers, , on the same clothing, so, that's basically my plea, so, I probably won't get heard, but, this is just an honest shout, so, could you please consider this? (and, once you think about it, it's a bit irony, eh?) so, that's it. *end of feedback* if you want to read it again, do it as you want, if you want to reply, press the reply button, if you like this, reply with a really positive feedback, thankyou, have a good day, signed: this privateer,

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I have noticed the same thing and I agree. I don't like always having to chose to be a weaker hitter so I can be a better healer. I would love to be strong in both my specialties.
Fair Christina Nightingale