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Privateer outfit in the crown shop help

Aug 21, 2010
I do not know if this was meant this way or not so please let me know. the crown outfit for a privateer (no level) on has the main outfit and the boots. At level 10 there are two hats (both having different stats), an outfit and boots.
Pirate Paladin's Cabasset (lvl10 but has same name as the rest of the outfit)
Pirate Paladin's Plate
Pirate Paladin's Sabatons

is this hat supposed to go with the rest of the outfit? do not know why there would be two hat choices at level 10. People will always get the better stats one. Could someone from support please verify this.
thank you

Jan 27, 2010
The Pirate Paladin's Cabasset should be any level/no level requirement, as the other classes each have a 3-piece set (head, chest, feet) at the start, but it's locked until level 10+. The Helm of the Pirate Main is the actual level 10+ head item for the next Privateer 3-piece set. I wasted 500 Crowns hoping it was just some kind of typo.
It has to be a bit of bad coding and I wish the devs would fix it.