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I just about had a HEART ATTACK

Sep 29, 2010
KI, my internet has a tendency to go off allot so I'm used to that. However, last night while in CR it said "Connection Lost" then right after it said "Invalid Name or Password" When I saw that my heart nearly stopped. Here's the reason. When I made my first Wizard101 account the same thing happened before my char went to GH the first time. It was just a test account so I didn't spend any money. When my char got onto the boat to go over there it said "Connection Lost" then "Invalid Name or Password". I tried to log on again and it rejected my password every single time even though it WAS the RIGHT password. Since I didn't spend money on it and didn't get that far it wasn't an earth shattering problem for me, but now that I have spent over 100$ on pirate101, the Boochbeard Bundle and a few Pirate101 cards, losing my game now would be an EARTH SHATTER PROBLEM. Luckily, I was able to log right back on and nothing was changed, lost or stuck, so I was relieved. But KI, why did it say "Invalid Name or Password" when all that happened was the internet cut out? Thats what I need to know.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Petty Officer
Apr 04, 2011
Maybe you tried logging on while they were doing maintenance?

Feb 06, 2013
One time when I was logging on, it kept saying the invalid password thing. Turns out I accidentally pressed "caps lock'' on my keyboard. Maybe that's why it wouldn't accept you're password.

Feb 06, 2010
Many games will not let you log in if you are currently already logged in. If you got disconnected and tried to log back in too quickly, the game may have still recognized you as being online. Just give it a minute or two and try again when that happens.