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Chosuke and Gisen

Nov 23, 2013
I felt strangely guilty about something - or rather, I felt bad for Gisen. The voice actor for him did a great job. In the quest, 'Everyone Loves A Party' you're supposed to humiliate the tyrant General Tso at a wedding. To sneak in, you steal a wedding invite. You talk to Chosuke the Forger, who tells you to get paper and ink from Gisen the Calligrapher - and tell him that Chosuke has sent you.

When you talk to him, he says:

"You require paper? Ah. I'm sure this will suit you - Chosuke? Chosuke has sent you?"

His demeanor changes immediately, with stuttering and obvious anxiety in his voice.

"Ah! Here, take this paper - it is my best! And this ink as well! No, no charge. Anything for friends of Chosuke!"

And then he laughs a little at the end, as if to dismiss his nervousness. I think he had a falling out with Chosuke or some past event that makes Gisen terrified of the very idea of Chosuke.