Game Update 1.100 Now Live!

It's here! Thanks again Pirates for helping us to make this update a reality. Check out the update notes in the usual spot on the website:

More updates to come!

1.100.1 Hotfix tonight! Here are the changes:

  • New badge for an Old Scratch promotion
  • Made Mojo Doom PvE only. It can no longer be cast in PvP. Updated its description also.
  • Fixed a case where players and enemies show up completely black when in the Obsidian Key dungeon fight
  • You can now bring up the map in the Obsidian Key dungeon area
  • You can get the Brass Monkey Quest from Captain Dan again
  • Several enemy loot table updates, now with 100% less picnic baskets!
  • Additional UI and stability tweaks made

Hi pirates! We have another update for you, 1.100.2. We balanced a few important things, resolved the Obsidian Mallard Masher badge issues, and of course added some holiday fun! Have a look:

• Wood, stone, and gold keys drop *slightly* more often
• Krampus’s Lair now has the proper sky
• Adjusted the name of Krampus’s helpers
• Some text adjustments on badges and descriptions

• Find the Frosties is back! Locate new snowmen in the skyways for new bragging rights.
• Added new decorations in Illios, Nova Aquila, and Frontier Town
• More surprises as December continues…

Misc Fixes:
• The Obsidian Mallard Masher badge now ACTUALLY takes 100 defeats instead of 10.
• Added some new hybrids… can you find them all?
• Fixed textures on some crates in Old Scratch’s room