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Farfalla Staff attacks

Petty Officer
Aug 06, 2015

I got the Farfalla Staff weapon in the machine control room dungeon, and it uses magical attacks even thou it is a smashy weapon. Why is this? Secondly, since it is smashy, does it mean when old scratch uses his buffs, the attack power won't go significantly higher? Thank you

Loyal Michael, lvl 70, The Nefarious 6th

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
old scratches buffs don't affect attack power, it just increases their spell power. if its been increasing your attack power then that's a major glitch. also if the farfalla smashy weapon attacks using magical damage instead of physical you've just found the a great weapon for pvp if that's true then the weapon can only be negated through resist which most other melee players won't have. this is like the blades of the shade for buccaneers and it rocks!